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Product Range in detail

The Corene™ fingerboards are designed for stringed instruments such as violin, viola, cello and bass.

The principle of our range is the same for each instrument.

Our range is organized around a standard shape and offers variations along two axis:

  • The weight of the fingerboard, in direction of lightness. It is obtained by working on the glue notch, the depth and length of the recess and the overall thickness of the fingerboard.

  • The ability to offer a small material over-thickness, in order to have a little room to adapt the fingerboard to the specific geometry of each instrument.

The goal is to provide some variants which will fit as close as possible to each particular need and will allow the best compromise between the support given by the geometrical accuracy of our product and the need for over-thickness required to adapt the fingerboard to the instrument.

Both under and upper surfaces of the fingerboard are already finished with high precision and according to the variant chosen, both flanks are straight or already curved.

Blueprints Fingerboards Violin

Fingerboard "Final Extra-Light"


Fingerboard "Final Light"

Fingerboard "Final Standard"

Fingerboard "Final Non"

Fingerboard "Large Light"

Fingerboard "Large Standard"

Fingerboard "Large Non"

Fingerboard "XXL"

Blueprints Fingerboards Viola

Fingerboard "Final Standard"

(Form A - 294 mm)

Fingerboard "Final Standard"

(Form A - 311 mm)

Blueprints Fingerboards Cello

Fingerboard "Final Standard"

(Form A)

Fingerboard "Final Standard"

(Form B)

Fingerboard "Final Standard"

(Form C)

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