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Eco-composite fingerboards

free of ebony

Innovation and precision

at the service of modern violin making



Corene™ is the result of research by the company Neo-Ebène Sàrl.

Corene™ was developed using an innovating eco-composite material, offering an ecological alternative to ebony in the field of violin making.

Although ebony is still being used to manufacture the fingerboards of string instruments such as violin, viola and cello, there are several reasons encouraging instrument makers to replace the endangered wood with Corène™:

  • An ecological awareness that over-exploitation and deforestation is leading to a scarcity of this wood.

  • Imminent legislation changes in some countries that would limite or ban the import and use of ebony, which might complicate the travel of musicians and orchestras.

  • A situation which could be compared to what occurred when ivory of the piano keys had to be replaced.

The advantages of Corene™ on ebony are as follows:

  • Resistant to hand perspiration.

  • Highly resistant upper surface.

  • No need for reworking the surface.

  • Similar look and feel to high quality Ebony.

  • You save time : our fingerboard arrives ready to be glued or adjusted.

  • You save time : it is no longer necessary to dry ebony for years

John-Eric TRAELNES VSA.jpg
John-Eric Traelnes
Maître-Luthier, responsible for product design
Pascal32 1.jpg
Pascal Henzi
Engineer, CAD and NC machining specialist
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